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Nikki Harvey - Virtual Assistant

Nikki Harvey

Nikki is the founder of Task Guardian and an entrepreneur with years of experience working as a virtual assistant and digital marketer. Her focus is to provide remarkable virtual assistance by overseeing all of your SEO, marketing, and administrative tasks.

Nikki’s work has proven to boost the success of bloggers and companies alike. Her experience includes the popular blog Scary Mommy, written by NY Times Best Selling author Jill Smokler, which is currently receiving more than 1.5 million hits per month. She has also worked with successful boutique owner Kristie Espinal at Itty Bitty Posh, accomplished owner of RevitaLifeMD Medispa Dr. Brad Cummins , Denton Texas’ #1 custom web designer Shauna Callaghan at See My Designs By Shauna and more.

Task Guardian LLC is based in Louisville, Kentucky and launched in 2012.

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If you’d like to contact Nikki for advertising, guest posting, or any other opportunities please email her at Nikki {at} TaskGuardian {dot}com.